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insurwave and BigOceanData


Insurwave use BigOceanData to monitor the activity of 1000’s of client vessels for the purpose of safety and security.  Within the BigOceanData platform are ‘zone’ functions to continuously track any number of vessels simultaneously.  As they enter and exit different zones, alerts and auto notifications can then be set up.

Britannia Aggregates Ltd

“Britannia Aggregates have been using BigOceanData for about 3 years, and over time, have found new and increasingly useful business relevant applications for the data far beyond simply tracking ships. Ryan Dawe and his team at BigOceanData have listened carefully to what we wanted and have put in every effort to deliver the solutions we…


“NYA International is a world leading crisis management consultancy. We commissioned BigOceanData to provide us with a custom-designed vessel tracking and risk management platform for a range of applications with our insurance, marine and offshore O&G clients.  BigOceanData was responsive to our requirements from the outset; pioneering new ideas to create exactly what we wanted…

Cory Brothers

Cory Brothers have been a customer since 2015. In 2019, they extended this relationship for a further five years. BigOceanData provides details of all oil, chemical, gas and other tankers in/out of ports and terminals around the world.


Maersk needed the ability to track containers… Following the initial signing of a two-year contract in September 2016 with BigOceanData for the supply of vessel tracking services, in early 2018, Maersk extended and expanded the contract for another 30 months to cover three times the original number of vessels and nearly double the number of…

Norwegian Hull Club

Responding to the demands of a growing business BigOceanData provides a central maritime intelligence service to Norwegian Hull Club’s Loss Prevention and Emergency Response team. In addition, through a series of ongoing operational workshops, BigOceanData is tailoring solutions to help meet the company’s Agile, Curious, Sharing and Integrity business goals necessary to maintain the company…

Product News & Updates

BigOceanData is a vessel tracking software portal and service provider for maritime and vessel management.

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