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Whether you are a service company looking to contact vessels due in port over the next month, a scheduling company needing best available schedule information, an owner/manager/operator searching for fleet efficiencies, a Port operator checking which vessel is likely to arrive in what order – BigOceanData’s Port Services module is perfect for your needs, networking across over 4,300 ports and terminals

Monitor live vessel movements in and around all commercial ports and harbours worldwide with BigOceanData

BigOceanData combines AIS data from terrestrial AIS receivers and satellite AIS receivers to provide information of port-specific vessel activity as follows:

  • Real ETA and automatic alerts to enable Expected Port Arrivals
  • Port RTA (requested time of arrival) can be route planned directly on BigOceanData
  • Visibility of vessels and congestion in port or anchorage
  • Live Port Departures
  • Port Activity by vessel type and time
  • RTA, ETA and Actual statistics (for ports and vessel operators)
  • Port Turnaround Times
  • Port/anchorage waiting times

Data can be provided by Vessel: for an Individual Vessel, group of Vessels, Vessel Type, All Vessels; or by Port: Individual Port, Group of Ports, All Ports.  Alerts can also be provided for vessels entering/departing a Port.  If more precise information is required within a Port, this can be focused at a Terminal or Berth level.

Double check whether a vessel’s schedule is likely to be achieved, using the Dynamic ETA calculator. A best estimate, based on a vessel’s most recently reported position, course, current speed and distance to travel, is provided.

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BigOceanData is a vessel tracking software portal and service provider for maritime and vessel management.

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