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Piracy activity is consistently updated and displayed on the system, as soon as an incident has been verified. Each event is categorised, logged into its database and visible on our maritime chart.

Alerts on piracy and other security-related incidents can be configured and sent to both email and phone.

Over 5 years of Piracy can be viewed historically and downloaded in our comprehensive suite of reports.

Risk assessment takes into account certain risk mitigation factors such as whether guards are aboard (armed/unarmed), an escort vessel is present, BPM5 parameters etc., to give the most detailed projected risk analysis.

BigOceanData can be configured to manage your SSAS equipped vessels, providing automated alerts to nominated recipients. BigOceanData can also be used to schedule fleet SSAS testing. Combine all these services into one platform, dedicated to providing clear service notification. Reduce the operational costs associated with managing a fleet on multiple platforms together with associated training and commercials.

All high-risk areas and joint war committee zones are geofenced in the system to allow situational awareness and risk mitigation. Create your own geofences for customised notifications or detailed analysis of specific vessel activity in the region.

Our range and bearing tool and route planning allow you to easily arrange your rendezvous meeting point with security escort vessels.

Integrated Nautical/Google Maps significantly improve situational awareness for coastal security operations.

We have a range of dedicated covert tracking solutions available for when it is less desirable to transmit positions using AIS.

BigOceanData’s Risk Management and Assessment report allows operators to identify the level of risk to specific voyages, based on both the geographical proximity and number of incidents that have occurred on a proposed route.

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