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Multi-source Vessel Data

S-AIS and T-AIS from multiple suppliers, integrated to provide one of the most complete AIS datasets available S-AIS included in as standard in most Service Plans.

Where AIS data is not available, or to supplement AIS information, use tracking data from other onboard devices. Track with Fleet Broadband (FBB), VSAT, Inmarsat-C, or Iridium. No need for new equipment, simply provide details of your existing FBB, VSAT, Sat-C or Iridium devices and we do the rest. Take advantage of guaranteed reporting in areas of poor AIS coverage or where covert tracking is required. Proprietary data available only to managers and owners. To read more about our AIS Blackspot services, please visit here

If you have your own AIS base stations then we can integrate these also.

Receive unlimited notifications delivered directly to your email inbox or mobile device for selected vessels on a wide range of events or all vessels using our area monitoring solutions, including port calls, proximity to other vessels, speed variations, drifting, bad weather, ship-to-ship transfers and much more.

Sophisticated Map Tools

Enjoy the best vessel tracking map service there is with seamless integration of Google Map views, C Map nautical charts and user-definable layers.

C-Map integration provides multi-layer digital maritime charts to IHO standards for all navigable waters globally, all accessible through the familiar Google Map interface.

Identify vessels in or transiting ECA, EEA and MARPOL areas with BigOceanData’s Zones and Area Replay and Query features.

Set rules-based alerts concerning any changes to a vessel’s voyage, route or destination. Manage entries and exits across a range of zone types (fully-customisable) that could impact voyages, for example ECA, war zones or other high-risk areas.

Add customer POI’s and categories to your account for the things that matter to your operation.

Environmental & Seastate Data

BigOceanData takes a live feed from a forecasting agency to display weather forecast data. This view shows a forecast out to 120 hours, in 6 hourly increments. This service is automatically updated every 6 hours.

A dedicated, selectable map layer displays wind direction and speed using standard nautical chart Wind Barb symbols, to maximise ease of use.

Colour-gradient map overlays show increasing wave height information at a glance.

BigOceanData takes a live feed from a forecasting agency to display weather forecast data including hurricane forecasting.

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BigOceanData is a vessel tracking software portal and service provider for maritime and vessel management.

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