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Suffering from AIS Blackspot? BigOceanData now offers vessel operators an automatic gap filling service for vessels transiting areas of ocean where AIS coverage is either known to be poor (e.g. South China Sea) or is temporarily unavailable.

Vessels already equipped with Inmarsat C devices are pre-configured with the necessary Inmarsat DNID and Member Number to enable automatic commencement of Inmarsat C tracking when the BigOceanData platform detects that AIS positions are not being received – for whatever reason.

AIS blackspot software solution

So that Inmarsat costs are minimised, Fleet Managers are able to decide:

  • How soon they want Inmarsat tracking to kick-in once AIS positions have stopped being received;
  • How often an Inmarsat position is required whilst in an AIS blackspot; and,
  • When Inmarsat tracking should cease once AIS positions are being reliably received once again

BigOceanData’s long-established multi-source position integration service offers high-integrity vessel tracking through not only one of the largest AIS networks but also by integrating existing ships systems or even dedicated tracking devices.  In addition to Inmarsat C services BigOceanData integrates data from Iridium and Fleet Broadband devices and can strip position information from other sources such as Noon Reports.

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