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Voyage Planning

BigOceanData provides a Voyage or Route Plan service. By simply selecting the destination port you require, we will plot a safe and navigable route that details all the course change waypoints.  Voyages can be shared between BigOceanData users. For example, when the vessel and HQ need visibility or to approve a voyage plan.  The Voyage Plan tool can automatically route around JWC high risk areas to avoid war and or piracy threats. Routes can be exported and imported between non BigOceanData users via CSV file or transferred to a vessel ECDIS via RTZ file.

Route optimisation for ships and vessels from BigOceanData

Weather Routing

Weather routing is an extension of Voyage Planning that allows users to avoid weather events that pose a risk to shipping or that will have an adverse effect on vessel performance.  This is vital when considering safety, insuring cargo arrives intact and on schedule.  As supply chains demand ‘just in time’ arrival and ports strive for efficiency by setting RTAs (requested time of arrival) the vessel becomes reliant on weather routing.

Route Optimisation

BigOceanData, through the Carbon Intensity Indicator tool has the ability to understand how vessels perform in different weather, sea state conditions and speeds. Previous voyage analysis enables BigOceanData to predict how much CO2 will be produced and the fuel used for a voyage plan.  In order to meet the CII objectives, preserve green credentials and minimise cost, Optimised Routing from BigOceanData will set the best possible route to meet all the criteria. Safe, on time, low carbon and cost efficient routes are a reality when using BigOceanData.

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