Reduce costs and improve performance with BigOceanData

Lowering emissions and operational costs whilst uncovering opportunity in a competitive market demands accurate planning and intelligence. With the industry now rising to meet the challenge of new environmental regulation, performance is critical.

BigOceanData delivers all the elements needed for monitoring and improving operational efficiency wherever you sit in the supply chain, combining sat com and global AIS with an array of data inputs for analysis and action.

Track Performance

Use BigOceanData to plot the historic track of a vessel, see where the vessel speed changes along the route and label any specific examples to be investigated further

Route Planning and Calculated ETA’s

Plot future routes to determine the most efficient routing option for your vessel, cargo or competitors with our Dynamic ETA calculator. We capture all reported positions, course, current speed and distance to place (by place, location or unlocode mapping). Furthermore, our passage planning and waypoints give you a forecasted set of ETAs.

Port Scheduling

Whether you’re a service provider looking at future arrivals, an owner/manager/operator searching for fleet efficiencies, or port operator managing traffic and load capacity, BigOceanData’s Port Services module is perfect for your needs networking across over 4,300 ports and terminals.

Zones and Alerts

Set rules based alerts concerning any changes to a vessel’s voyage, route or destination. Manage entries and exits across a range of zone types (customisable) that could impact voyages, for example ECA, war zones or other high risk areas.


Manage speed, emissions and routes effectively with our combined weather overlay. Get immediate sea state conditions as well as on route and forecasted. Understand port conditions to minimise risk. Analyse integrated positions and weather data over 12 months via platform, data export or API to optimise future vessel activity, analyse for planning and competitor profiling.

Fleet Utilisation and Analytics

Get wider context, trade insight and competitor profiles with our statistical analysis on daily performance and available capacity by vessel, sector, port or region, key for planning, market analysis and competitor profiling.

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