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  • Use the BigOceanData platform as your SSAS solution and put operational efficiency and fleet security in one place
  • SSAS alerts received by BigOceanData are displayed to the operator and then immediately and automatically routed to nominated recipients. 
  • BigOceanData’s SSAS Alert Manager sends alerts to users by email, SMS and/or via an on-screen pop up. All alerts are recorded in the system database and can be reproduced in report format.
  • BigOceanData supports any SSAS type-approved equipment. Our team will offer advice on and supply new, type-approved, equipment if required. Alternatively, existing SSAS equipment can be ‘repointed’ to BigOceanData if users wish to change service provider.
  • With 20 years’ experience of managing complex Inmarsat-C applications, the BigOceanData SSAS interface is tried, tested and dependable.


BigOceanData SSAS provider

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BigOceanData is a vessel tracking software portal and service provider for maritime and vessel management.

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