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Russian Ship Tracking

Maritime Intelligence – Russian Ship Tracking On Monday 28th Feb 2022, the UK closed access to its ports and harbours for all Russian owned, flagged, managed or operated ships.  Many other countries around the world are doing, or are likely to do, the same. The BigOceanData online ship tracking and management software platform can provide … Continued

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7 Things to know about AIS Vessel Tracking

7 Things you need to know about AIS Vessel Tracking

The world of maritime technology and AIS vessel tracking software can be confusing and overwhelming. We ensure our advanced and powerful maritime software is intuitive and easy to use. Here’s 7 Things you need to know about AIS Vessel Tracking.

BBC’s Jonathon Amos tracks the RV Polstern around Iceberg A74

BBC Science Correspondent, Jonathan Amos continues to use BigOceanData to assist his science and environment reporting. Most recently he has been following the rapid movement of the Iceberg, A74, from the Brunt Ice Shelf in the Weddell Sea of the Antarctic.

Introducing BigOceanData’s extensive range of MARSEC tools

With the increasing risk of global piracy activity, caused by unpredictable factors such as seasonal variations, regional economic crisis and even global pandemics, BigOceanData has developed an extensive range of easy to use MARSEC tools. These tools are standard with their offering to provide maritime situational awareness.

Introducing the BigOceanData Vessel Risk Management package.

Vessel Risk Management BigOceanData’s new package produces a Risk Assessment document per vessel. For an identified vessel, it assesses the scheduled Vessel Route against historic piracy incidents. The Risk Assessment can be extended to include a Vessel Questionnaire (the example shown is based on the BMP MSCHOA Vessel registration document, but this questionnaire template is … Continued

BigOceanData enjoys significant growth with Technology Partnerships

BigOceanData is delighted to announce significant growth in its technology partnerships. With two key players in the maritime software services sector – ClipperData and Pole Star.  ClipperData use aspects of the BigOceanData data manipulation and visualisation environment to process and display key management information. 

Over 90% of vessel tracking clients renew contracts with BigOceanData.

The BigOceanData online vessel tracking platform is well established as one of the most capable and best supported products in its sector.  This fact is evident in the very high levels of renewal rates achieved when existing clients reach the end of their current contract. In excess of 90% of clients renew their contracts with us … Continued

BigOceanData support for dedicated vessel tracking devices

Whilst many vessel tracking companies focus entirely on AIS for position reporting, BigOceanData, however has been working with many other position sources since 1995. Our teams are finding increasing demand for alternative dedicated vessel position sources for guaranteed reporting. BigOceanData is providing these services to a variety of companies.

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