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First time Seawork exhibitor BigOceanData launches global CII Monitoring solution

First time exhibitor at Seawork, BigOceanData has launched its Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Monitoring Solution generating a great deal of interest which has delighted the x based vessel tracking solution provider.

BigOceanData cites that it provides one of the most flexible and effective Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Monitoring and Management software solutions in the industry, offering global tracking in real time.

The monitoring system is supported by a suite of powerful visualisation and Business Intelligence software tools. This allows users to see the current CII status of their vessels and also simulate what actions can be taken to improve CII efficiency such as modify a route, variations in speed or indicate when to have the hull scrubbed.

BigOceanData can now share voyage plan and progress with stakeholders, giving all parties the confidence the voyage is CII compliant, meets the green credentials of the supply chain, is cost effective and on time.

The BI suite allows very detailed analysis of vessel performance to be undertaken whilst, at the same time, providing powerful ‘business indicators’ for C-suite executives and senior managers.

Chris King Business Development director for BigOceanData commented, “Seawork has been a really positive experience for us and has surpassed our expectations. Whilst our solutions are intended for larger vessels which are heavy polluters, we’re finding the smaller workboats are interested in voluntarily adopting CII as it helps their green credential. Plus, the byproduct is that they save fuel.”

The system has been launched by BigOceanData with three service levels:

Base Level

Noon report data is collected directly from vessels using the BOD-Onboard software tool which relays the key information to the main BigOceanData online portal ashore.  Here, the vessel-specific data is integrated with other vessel activity and ocean environmental data to produce advisory CII management information for fleet owners/operators.

Standard Level

Vessel operational data is collected directly from the owner/operator’s in-house fleet management systems, via API, into the BOD portal using dedicated and secure internet services.  The vessel-specific data is combined with BOD’s extensive library of vessel activity and environmental datasets to provide accurate assessments of ‘on the spot’ and ‘overall’ CII status for each vessel in the fleet.

Advanced Level

The advanced system utilises a simple gateway device to collect vessel performance and position data with no impact to a vessel’s operational systems.  It is collected minute by minute and sent ashore securely.  Data is then integrated with BigOceanData vessel activity and environmental datasets. This enables continuous, auditable and real time CII status to be monitored and managed.

Article by Rachel Follett of Reach PR Ltd.

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