A global view of port activity to help your operations, marketing and business development


Profile Port Activity

Access global ports, terminals and berths. Unrivalled visibility of live traffic in or outside the port area. With dynamic mapping, environment and nautical chart overlays.

Build your profile by vessel type, flag, size, tonnage, draught and other vessel parameters.

Know your customer. Track and view vessels by owner, operator and manager.

Improve Productivity and Identify Opportunity

Ports, Terminals, Berths, and Anchorages are defined as geofences so that you can set your own rules and alerts for vessels (or other parameters) across a targeted port network.

Monitor groups of ports simultaneously and build your port calls. View live or prior traffic with historical data. BigOceanData has built up a significant history of arrivals and departures to enable you to analyse historical traffic and trade by vessel type, size, or various parameters. Ideal for trend and market analysis.

Import your own data to maximise functionality and performance.

Calculated ETA

Use our Dynamic ETAs and Distance to Destination feature. BigOceanData can calculate ETA to Port based on vessel’s current location and speed. These events can trigger alerts to parties who require immediate notification, e.g. agencies requiring arrival or departure advice. Prior to arrival, BigOceanData can also identify which vessels are destined for respective ports and identify respective Estimated Time of Arrival.

Planning and Scheduling

BigOceanData provides advance notification of scheduled vessel arrivals at nominated Ports. Ideal for organisations that wish to plan for existing customer vessel arrivals, as well as potential new business. Multiple ports can be monitored seamlessly so data can be managed across operational teams.


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