Mitigate risk and exposure with BigOceanData vessel tracking, maritime intelligence and incident analysis

BigOceanData provides services built with and for insurance professionals, be that monitoring large vessel portfolios or aiding specific voyage or incident led analysis. Our operational support ranges from building bespoke tools such as breach report alerts to providing best practise assistance for incident response staff and claims teams.

Hull and Machinery

Anticipate and manage risk across routes and key trading areas relevant to vessels on plan. Our platform and API services operate with real-time or historical vessel positions, intelligent  routing data and calculated ETAs to ensure you have the visibility you need on demand. BigOceanData integrates five day weather forecast data, updated every 12 hours, as well as an automated Piracy notification feed.

Our war risk, ECA and HRA zones are built in for efficiency, our customisable approach for flexibility. Breach reports, alerts and scenario generators help you monitor assets and stay compliant.

The increasing number of fires on container vessels which break out in on-board containers are of increasing concern to insurers (International Union of Marine Insurers). For incident investigation we provide historical track analysis and vessel replay tools and for more in-depth cases complex query and area data.

Improve operational efficiency with our fully customisable, solution orientated approach, marrying dynamic data with your internal systems. BigOceanData has been proud to support leading digital projects in the industry such as Insurwave. Find out how we can help you.

Enhance share, profitability and opportunity with our platform and portfolio analytics including fleet profiling (age, type, flag), operational profiling (aggregated movements and comparative analysis by type, fleets or other factors). We can work across the entire seagoing merchant fleet >100GT or to specification. 


BigOceanData mapping covers offshore structures to build a complete risk picture of localised or regional assets as required, be that in real time or with historic data. We’ve used our VMS expertise to support oilfield optimisation projects for oil majors and governments and have built tools that assist situational and domain awareness.

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