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Access a fully integrated software tool providing operational intelligence for fleet managers around the world.

Ships Security Alert System (SSAS)

Rather than use one vessel monitoring service for AIS, one for Sat-C and one for SSAS, BigOceanData can be configured to manage your SSAS equipped vessels, providing automated alerts to nominated recipients. BigOceanData can also be used to schedule fleet SSAS testing. Combine all these services into one platform, dedicated to providing clear service notification. Reduce the operational costs associated with managing a fleet on multiple platforms together with associated training and commercials.

Piracy Incidents and Route Risk Management

BigOceanData has a live notification service of piracy events globally. Each event is categorised, logged into its database and visible on our maritime chart. Alerts can be set up when Piracy events occur near a vessel list. Utilise BigOceanData’s risk analysis toolset in advance of finalising a vessel’s Passage Plan, fully accounting for any historic piracy incidents in close proximity to selected journey.

Area Monitoring – High Risk Area (HRA), ECA, JWC, EEZ, Wind Farms, your area of interest

Use BigOceanData’s extensive set of geofences to provide real time monitoring (and alerts) when vessels enter or leave these specific areas, or perhaps use reports to identify historic activity. Create your own geofences for customised notifications or detailed analysis of specific vessel activity in the region.

Situational Awareness

Identify what vessels are currently in an area of interest –e.g. hazard, weather event, piracy incident, or breakdown. Identify which vessel is nearest to help, or should clear the area.

Port and Terminal Activity

What vessels are: scheduled to arrive, currently in Port, have recently left? Filter by vessel type, size, flag, age and other parameters. How long have vessels been at anchor or what is the port turnaround time?

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