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Managing risk with data

BigOceanData helps customers manage industry and operational risk in all its forms, we work with diverse customers including insurers, fleet managers and regulatory bodies. By reducing or mitigating risk, our partners are preventing unnecessary cost and remain compliant.  Our data is used for claims, fleet operations or to protect shipping from weather events or security issues. In supporting maritime decarbonisation goals, we can now measure environmental impact of shipping. BigOceanData are proud to share our platform with leading Maritime Insurers, Managers and Regulators.

Incident Analysis

Static plots, vessel replay and area replay features can be used to analyse and present pre and post events and historic data. Typical use cases include claims analysis, transhipments, collisions, groundings or oil spill.

Situational Awareness

Enhance your maritime domain awareness, visualise your assets and anticipate potential threats with our seamless integration of global vessel tracking, ports, geofencing, CMAP Maritime charts and Google maps into one, easy-to-use interface.

Mitigate Supply Chain Risk

Track port activity, customers or competitors across 4,300 ports and terminals. Follow assets port to port, terminal or berth with our intelligent routing, distance tables and range bearing tools. Overlay sea state conditions on your vessel route forecast. Set up rules-based alerts for scheduled arrivals, deviations or change of status.

Compliance & Protection

Monitor areas of interest, protect infrastructure and ensure legislative compliance with our scenario generators, zone alerts and breach reports. Get the immediate picture with built in or custom views or filter across historical data for analysis.


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BigOceanData is a vessel tracking software portal and service provider for maritime and vessel management.

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