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Our marine industry today is subject to compliance in many forms and from many regulators across the world. Essentially these are to keep mariners and ships safe, to aid operations and to protect our marine environments.  Knowing what is required when, where and for who becomes increasingly complex. BigOceanData have a long history of partnering with regulatory bodies to aid compliance for vessels and operators.


BigOceanData now record 24 million vessel position reports every day and combined with knowing where regulations apply is at the heart of visibility. Vessels and their managers can now plan optimised routes and monitor whole fleets in real time to ensure safety, security and compliance.  

Zone Management

Zones stipulated by Regulators or Nations can have different meanings depending on your vessel. From Fishing VMS to ensuring sustainably managed fisheries to Joint War Committee (JWC) Zones where insurers can charge higher premiums; BigOceanData provides the decision making and cost saving tools to keep you compliant. Other zone overlays include:

  • ECA, EEA, MARPOL & Bunker
  • Ports, Terminals, Anchorages, Restricted Zones
  • EEZ, Territorial Waters and High Risk Areas.


BigOceanData offers a comprehensive suite of reports to provide analytics and compliance data. These reports include basic vessel position reports right through to full voyage records including zone entry / exit and ports visited. All our reports can be run on a per vessel basis or fleet-wide and from our decade of archive data, delivering powerful analytics straight to your inbox.

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BigOceanData is a vessel tracking software portal and service provider for maritime and vessel management.

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