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2020 “sulphur, supply, sanctions and scrubbers” the industry faces many regulatory challenges. Our tools can deliver the transparency you need.

Global View

Total fleet coverage and visibility delivered through terrestrial and satellite AIS. Identify, monitor and act on any vessel or vessels, by type, tonnage (e.g. EU MRV) owner, age on demand with our dynamic mapping.

Zone Management

Identify vessels in or transiting ECA, EEA and MARPOL areas with our zones and area replay and query features. We also support a number of different Zone Types at a User or System level (fully customisable) including Ports, Terminals, Anchorages, EEZ, Territorial Waters and High Risk Areas. In addition, key operational data such Restricted Zones and Bunker locations are also provided via the portal to validate your compliance needs.

Fleet Management

Let us help you ensure your fleet or assets remain compliant with our dedicated satcom reporting.


BigOceanData offers a comprehensive suite of reports to provide analytics and or compliance data. These reports include basic vessel position reports right through to vessel journey, zone entry exit and ports visited. All our reports can be run on a vessel by vessel basis or fleet wide and in most cases historically. These can be run manually or automated using our powerful schedule reports feature delivering powerful data to your email inbox.

Track and Validate

Get maximum cover or interrogate target vessels with our comprehensive trails and past tracks detail, by vessel or multiple plots. For example, use our in-vicinity reporting for transhipment analysis or >90 day positions and visuals for sanction scrutiny.


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