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Making CII Easy

Our Carbon Intensity Indicator Management provides vessels and fleet managers with powerful and easy to use applications.  Global tracking and vessel data combined, to deliver decarbonisation and real monetary savings in one simple package.

Voyage Analysis for Carbon Intensity Indicator CII

BigOceanData now have 3 straight-forward options.
  • Use BigOceanData noon report / input application to capture data as often as you like.
  • BigOceanData can import data directly from vessel performance management systems.
  • A simple onboard gateway will collect vessel data and link into BigOceanData CII
CII software for ships and vessels
Select the appropriate data capture method and we take care of the rest:
  • Real Time CII reporting and analysis to identify operational issues.
  • Management of CII, voyages v plan and how to continuously improve.
  • Fully optimised route planning service and secure environment to share routes.
  • Decarbonisation, compliance and real monetary savings

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BigOceanData is a vessel tracking software portal and service provider for maritime and vessel management.

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