Are you making the most efficient use of your vessel or port data?

At BigOceanData our core competence is the collection, management and analysis of the raw data generated by both individual vessels and the environments in which they operate. Ships are complex systems that in turn interact with other complex systems both manmade (e.g. cargo, ports, other vessels) and natural (e.g. weather, currents, sea-states). The combination of ubiquitous system connectivity on the vessels being built today and high-speed broadband satellite communications means that data has never been so easy to generate and disseminate, both on board and ashore.

We can help you turn this data into knowledge which can enhance your decision support process.

From simple traffic lights to clearly display vessel status to more complex analytics to help you spot vessel performance issues, we’re working on the solution and its coming soon…….

Optimise your business processes, voyage planning and vessel performance by putting your data to work

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