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Alkanes and BigoceanData

BigOceanData welcomes it’s newest client, Alkanes Energy Services Ltd.

BigOceanData continues to expand its MARSEC capability, and is pleased to announce its latest client, Alkanes Energy

BigOceanData, the online premium global vessel tracking and monitoring service, has delivered a bespoke Vessel Tracking, Risk Management, and Situational Awareness package to Alkanes Energy, based in Lagos , Nigeria. Following a successful trial, BigOceanData (BOD) has been awarded the contract for an initial 12-month period. 

The service provided to Alkanes fuses vessel position data from terrestrial and satellite AIS together with piracy data to offer not only vessel tracking and security escort route planning but also Risk Management using our advanced MARSEC tools. 

With the ever present risk of global piracy activity, caused by unpredictable factors such as seasonal variations, regional economic crisis and even global pandemics, BigOceanData has developed an extensive range of easy-to-use MARSEC tools including, 

  • Piracy Overlay
  • JWC geofenced zones
  • Route Risk Analysis
  • Rendezvous point planning.
  • Risk Management and Assessment


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BigOceanData is a vessel tracking software portal and service provider for maritime and vessel management.

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