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BigOceanData enjoys significant growth with Technology Partnerships

BigOceanData is delighted to announce significant growth in its technology partnerships. With two key players in the maritime software services sector – ClipperData and Pole Star.  ClipperData use aspects of the BigOceanData data manipulation and visualisation environment to process and display key management information. 

This is achieved using ‘single sign-on’ techniques. This allows ClipperData’s customers to access the BigOceanData information via ClipperData’s own online portal.  In Pole Star’s case BigOceanData supplies software components into the company’s ‘MDA’ maritime domain awareness platform in return for hosting and data services.  Both companies have signed growth contracts with BigOceanData in the last few weeks.

Mark Hewish, BigOceanData’s Managing Director, sees software technology supply services as a major growth area for the business.

He says, “more and more clients are looking for customisation of standard BigOceanData functionality to meet their specific in-house needs: this can take the form of a small tweak to a specific piece of functionality through to the development and delivery of significant new capability as has been the case with ClipperData”.

We have just updated our marketing website to include the Customised Solutions offering.  Find this information here:

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