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New Cargo Schedules Tool is added to BigOceanData

We are excited to announce the latest BigOceanData software addition – Cargo Schedules. An extremely powerful tool keeping you efficient and ahead of the competition. The new Cargo Schedules tool can be used in the following three ways:

Single Vessel

Enabling you to identify which ports a specific cargo vessel is due to visit and when. A simple to use tool providing powerful intel to your daily vessel management. Simply plot schedule on map and select route leg.

Single Port Activity

A direct way to identify which individual vessels are scheduled to visit a specific port. Simply filter by Vessel Name, TEU or Route.

Port to Port

Powerful intelligence to identify and manage which vessels have sailing schedules between two ports. This powerful tool also gives the ability to check on competitor vessels on the same route.

Sales Director, Kevin Jones said: “Whilst AIS provides ETA for Next Port only, the BigOceanData Cargo Schedules tool now looks ‘over the horizon’, beyond the next port to estimate ETA at subsequent ports on a cargo vessel schedule. This new software tool helps logistics companies to more effectively plan arrivals and departures for their vessels and goods: a real game-changer in cargo vessel tracking and management”

BigOceanData remains a leader for vessel fleet management and maritime intelligence, with the ability to provide individual solutions and services. Contact our experts for a bespoke software demo or trial to see how the new Cargo Schedules tool will transform your vessel management.

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