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Fused data – multiple feeds, single interface

The core competence of BigOceanData is actually the collection and integration of data transmitted to and from vessels at sea via satellite services.  Its experience in remotely configuring existing onboard vessel transponders to provide integrated solutions with AIS data is second to none in the industry. This is derived from more than 20 years of software development focused on fusing data from different sources into a single representation of a vessel’s position onscreen, displayed at the highest accuracy. This ability enables BigOceanData to offer AIS information integrated with other satellite service-derived data for the most advanced vessel tracking and management applications.

Examples of the situational feeds include the latest information on piracy, weather, sea state, currents and more. While many of these are available free from other sources, BigOceanData makes the best data available where they are most useful, on a graphical interface overlaying the latest position of the vessel or vessels for which they are relevant. This ensures fast and accurate decision-making.

The benefits of bundling
The cost savings for each vessel are achieved by bringing together the various systems that regularly send and receive data regarding safety and security information into a single integrated system. BigOceanData with its added-value services including weather, sea state, piracy already does this to an exceptional level. However, it can go much by processing and delivering the position data required by a range of different services such as AIS, SSAS, Inmarsat and Iridium. Purchasing all the required satellite airtime for these in a single package from BigOceanData rather than individual suppliers delivers substantial savings. And if a client has its own data outputs – for example temperature data from on board container monitoring systems – these can be integrated into that data too; all part of a single, one-stop-shop solution.

Example: integrating SSAS with BigOceanData
Mandated by the IMO, in addition to their emergency alert function, SSAS systems are also often used to provide routine position information. However, as this is delivered via maritime satellite services such as Inmarsat-C it is expensive.  By combining SSAS with AIS tracking, only the bare minimum of data needs to go via the satellite provider and, instead, AIS can provide the position and associated data at a far higher quality and lower cost. SSAS has to be retained, of course, but only for emergency alerting purposes.

As an added benefit, the two services actually enhance each other. On the one hand, if a suitably-equipped vessel issues an emergency alert then the accompanying AIS data provides more detailed information about the recent vessel track than would otherwise be available from standalone SSAS. On Its own, SSAS reports at best once an hour and often much less frequently even than that. On the other hand, if AIS coverage is weak in a particular location, then higher-end SSAS services can be used to collect a dedicated position via Inmarsat.


About BigOceanData
BigOceanData is a leader in maritime tracking and telemetry, delivering global vessel tracking and monitoring services along with fleet management tools via its sophisticated browser-based interface. Key features of the BigOceanData product include its ability to fuse data from AIS signals and a range of onboard satellite reporting systems so as to both improve position accuracy and reduce data costs. The system also integrates a series of data feeds and management tools that show users not only vessel locations and movements, but situational data such as marine charting, terrestrial mapping, weather and sea-state (current and forecast), and piracy and other security alerts.

For more information contact or call +44 (0) 207 998 3048.

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BigOceanData is a vessel tracking software portal and service provider for maritime and vessel management.

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