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SSAS integration – cut costs by consolidating your data providers

At BigOceanData we are much more than just suppliers of vessel monitoring services, although that does lie at the core of what we do. The sophisticated software that we have developed is all about the exchange and processing of maritime data, which means that is designed to work with much more than AIS.

At BigOceanData our core competence is that of fusing data. With vessel monitoring we take data from a range of sources to create highly accurate position information, but we can also work with that data in other ways that can deliver greater convenience and lower costs to our customers by significantly reducing the amounts they need to spend on dedicated communications.

SSAS is one system that integrates smoothly into BigOceanData, thereby allowing users to reduce the number of flash reports to the statutory minimum. Inmarsat and other service providers can also be brought within the BigOceanData interface to provide a single, integrated solution. Whatever your needs we can deliver the solution you require. Talk to our sales team to find out more.

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BigOceanData is a vessel tracking software portal and service provider for maritime and vessel management.

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