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El Nino Conditions predicted to last in Winter 2015-16

(June 2015) A U.S. government weather forecaster this week pegged the chance of El Nino conditions lasting into the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16 at 85%, extending its outlook for how long the conditions will last. The Climate Prediction Center (CPC), an agency of the National Weather Service, in its monthly report put its outlook of El Nino continuing through Northern Hemisphere autumn 2015 at 90%.

Extreme climate events, often triggered by El Nino conditions, can have potentially disastrous consequences for maritime traffic. Globavista vessel tracking software provides sophisticated environmental data to vessel managers, information that is automatically updated that has become indispensable during route planning and risk assessment activities.

Continuously refreshed sea state, wind-speed, precipitation, barometric pressure, hurricane warnings and other environmental data can be provided as a backdrop to vessel activity.

Risk analysis, vessel range and bearing calculations, trip duration and ETA are all calculated using environmental data to analyse and alert potential dangers to a vessel’s planned route.

Live weather forecasts are provided on a global basis, 5 days in advance and are updated every 6 hours. Weather and wave height information can be displayed as a map overlay, and viewed as discrete height information in a green/amber/red heat map.

Both the quantity and quality of environmental information provided by Globavista gives greatly increased visibility of pending hazards to vessel managers, as planned journeys can be reviewed against potential risks allowing mitigating action to be taken when choosing routes.

View a product video on Environmental Information & Route Planning here.

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El Nino Reporting by Chris Prentice,


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