Vessel Owners,
Managers & Charterers
Shippers, Retailers,
Cargo Managers
Insurance Companies,
Maritime Security &
Professional Advisors
In-Port Service
Fisheries Management
Maritime Business
Intelligence Providers
Fleet Managers,
Vessel Owners,
Managers & Charterers
Monitor the position and progress of all your assets wherever they are on the globe from your PC or tablet. Use data overlays to view potential sources of delay or hazard. Our fleet management tools can collect, analyse and display a wide range of performance data. Bespoke data tools can be designed and implemented on request, and third party packages integrated into the BigOceanData interface.
Shippers, Retailers,
Cargo Managers
If you have the name of the vessel or vessels carrying your goods you can monitor their progress and time-keeping. Reassure your own customers that you know exactly where their goods are and when they are due to arrive.
Insurance Companies,
Maritime Security &
Professional Advisors
Monitor the position and progress of all your assets wherever they are on the globe from your PC or tablet. Review planned routes against weather and risk. Investigate incidents using historical data dating back to 2009. Integrate your Security Team Tracking devices into a single platform complete with Piracy, Risk Analysis and AIS tracking.
In-Port Service
Identify vessels scheduled to arrive in port. Provide information and alerts of early and late arrivals or changes in docking location. Maximise your efficiency and customer service with the very latest information available.
Fisheries Management
Display & manage vessels equipped with VMS tracking devices via the one application. Link in fish catch reporting or ERS systems into the same platform. Use zone management features to monitor when vessels enter or leave restricted areas. Use data exchange tools to manage regulatory reporting requirements, whilst monitoring effort reporting for internal use. The system provides a comprehensive VMS and MCS component for National Fisheries Authorities.
Maritime Business
Intelligence Providers
We can help you identify global shipping trends, commodity movements and traffic flows either using our own reporting systems or integrated into your own services using our Application Programming Interface. We welcome the opportunity to work with partners to onward develop their own capabilities. Please contact or call +44 (0) 207 998 3048 to discuss your needs and commercial terms.
Fleet Managers,

Monitor the position and progress of all your assets wherever they are on the globe from your PC or tablet. Review planned routes against weather and risk. Integrate SSAS devices into one single platform, thus reducing overall cost of ownership of disparate tracking solutions.

With BigOceanData, satellite AIS comes as standard

BigOceanData is the new vessel tracking, management and port monitoring system brought to you by Globavista, a leader in the vessel tracking sector with over twenty years’ experience in specialist tracking and asset management solutions.

  • No hidden charges for Satellite AIS data

    Terrestrial and satellite AIS data for all users, regardless of fleet size
  • Tariffs to suit all fleet sizes

    Pay only for the exact number of vessels in your fleet
  • Single, high accuracy vessel plot information

    Fusing multiple sources of vessel AIS data combined with other on-board tracking devices
  • ‘In Vicinity’ allows flexible querying of events

    Feature for individual vessels, weather events or piracy activity
  • Sophisticated integration of maps and charts

    Maximum situational awareness for vessels and ports combining Google and C-Maps
  • Least-risk routing capability

    In support of maritime security and anti-piracy applications
  • Up to 12 months data held online for immediate access

    We can access historical data for analysis purposes
  • 5-day weather forecast

    Available anywhere in the world with a single click
Vessels At Sea

Monitor the position, performance and additional environmental and risk factors of just one or an unlimited number of vessels using Big Ocean Data vessel tracking software, an optimised combination of satellite and terrestrial AIS.

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Ports & Harbours

Our full Ports & Harbours service will be launching soon. This sophisticated suite of tools will include reports covering ‘Vessels Scheduled’, ‘Vessels In Port and Departed’ and ‘Vessel Time in Port’; for the main port and individual anchorages, moorings and wharfs. Please contact us for more details.

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View the latest positions for all vessels operating AIS around the world from our terrestrial and satellite AIS data sources

Select all vessel types, or just the specific vessel types in which you are interested

All subscription levels include satellite AIS sourced positions as standard


View the details for individual vessels along with their historical tracks

View the details of an individual vessel together with its historic track

Annotate individual points with user selectable fields on a label


Use ‘Full Screen’ mode to view a larger map. View multiple vessel tracks at the same time for a unified view

Remove the side menu to view the map in full screen mode – ideal for an Operations Room view

View the historical tracks of multiple vessels at the same time


View historical and forecast weather conditions

A wide range of weather and environmental conditions available for visualisation

Water temperature visualisation is also available

Use the slider to move forward or backwards in time to view past and present forecasts


Quickly determine the vessels within the radius of a location, incident, weather condition, event or another vessel by right clicking on the mouse and selecting the ‘In Vicinity’ feature

Use the ‘Assets’ tab to show the list of vessels in the locality (up to 50), sorted in ascending distance from location

Select the centre and radius using the mouse, or by entering data on the ‘Details’ tab


Create your own zones or use the predefined zones within the system to set up and report alerts

View the zone on the screen and easily see where vessels are in relation to it

Define your own user zones or use the pre-loaded system zones

Set up alerts on entry/exit delivered via e-mail, SMS and user on-screen pop-ups


Create your own feature-rich zones or use the pre-loaded system zones to provide valuable information and intelligence on particular regions

Multiple zones available showing various EEZs

Monitor all vessel movements in and out of EEZs


Experience the seamless integration of Jeppesen CMAP and Google maps into one, easy-to-use map interface

Detailed maritime chart information via Jeppesen CMAP showing S57 details

Merge in Google’s satellite view to enhance situational awareness when near the coast


view a vessel’s port calls easily and quickly to provide valuable information and intelligence

The most recent port calls by a vessel are accessed easily and quickly from the vessel pop-up menu

I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by your company. We appreciate your efficient customer service, solution-oriented employees and ability to think new, out of the box. We have, and will continue to, recommend your service to other companies and contacts. We look forward to continuing this relationship, hopefully expanding our business together.

Anna Loiko - Norwegian Hull Club

NYA International is a world leading crisis management consultancy. We commissioned BigOceanData to provide us with a custom-designed vessel tracking and risk management platform for a range of applications with our insurance, marine and offshore O&G clients.  BigOceanData was responsive to our requirements from the outset; pioneering new ideas to create exactly what we wanted and since then has continuously worked to ensure the solution remains at the forefront of current technology.

The team is a pleasure to work with and we feel their customer-focused approach results in a compelling partnership capable of meeting the needs of all our clients.

Alex Kemp - Managing Director NYA International

The port & terminal product has given us the next step forward in the development of our marketing & tracking activities. It provides a global view of port activities with minimal workload and allows users to more than double their productivity. It is an exceptional working platform and the support we receive ensures we maximise its use. In simple terms, you have provided a substantial online package with key modifications to ensure client satisfaction.


Peter Wilson - Cory Brothers Logistics, Ships Agency, Liner Agency