BigOceanData offers a wide range of fleet management and situational awareness tools which have been developed through close cooperation with some of the most respected names in the maritime industry.

With these tools you can not only track your assets, be they vessels or aircraft, but also create and manage routes, zones and set up rules-based alerts or calculate ETA’s and distance to destination.  We also offer a comprehensive suite of reports and vessel analytics which, when combined with our weather, piracy and notice to mariner data, gives our clients valuable decision-making intelligence.

For incident investigation we offer historical track analysis and vessel replay tools and for the more in-depth cases we also have complex query and area replay features in the BigOceanData tool-box.

BigOceanData is a highly configurable feature rich platform built to combine data from many different sources including AIS (both terrestrially and satellite sourced), plus a number of private subscription customer services such as Fleet Broad Band (FBB), VSAT, Inmarsat-C, or Iridium. BOD can also be configured to receive data from Argos-CLS, Skywave, SSAS or GSM.

Global View

BigOceanData provides a Global View of the latest position of all AIS vessels. This not only enables you to track your fleet but also keep an eye on competitor vessels too. All subscription levels include satellite AIS sourced position as standard and without an artificial delay

Shows global view of vessel tracking

Maximise Situational Awareness

Experience the seamless integration of CMAP Maritime charts and Google maps into one, easy-to-use interface

situational awareness for shipping

Route Planning and Calculated ETA's

Plot future routes to determine the most efficient option. Routes can be either created on screen or uploaded. Using our distance routing feature, will not only provide the route distance but also a calculated ETA.

route panning for shipping software

Analyse past Vessel Tracks

Plot multiple tracks of your vessels with a few simple steps and look deeper with our Trail Analyse tool

View multiple vessel tracks
View any trial analysis

Environmental and Piracy overlays

BigOceanData provides a 120 hour weather forecast, updated every 12 hours, as well as an automated Piracy notification feed. These features can help you plan a route, taking into consideration weather on route and risk from piracy incidents.

see global weather on map for vessels and shipping
Showing route forecast for shipping
shows piracy incident sea state

Zone Management

BOD supports a number of different Zone Types – at a User or System level. A user with relevant privileges can create/edit/delete their own zones, or view System Zones such as Ports, Terminals, Anchorages, EEZ, Territorial Waters and High Risk Areas

showing creator zones for vessel tracking
oil and gas zone uploader software

Incident Investigation

A number of different analytics tools are available including Complex Query, Vessel Replay and Area Replay – examples of these are shown below.

  • Plot an area and timeframe to view all vessels within that area and time using the Complex Query tool. Typical application, Illegal waste dumped overboard.
for quick vessel incident investigation software

Analytics & Compliance Reports

BigOceanData offers a comprehensive suite of reports to provide analytics and or compliance data. These reports include basic vessel position reports right through to vessel journey, zone entry exit and ports visited. All our reports can be run on a vessel by vessel basis or fleet wide and in most cases historically.

These can be run manually or automated using our powerful schedule reports feature delivering powerful data to your email inbox.

image of report analytics for vessels
image showing compliance for shipping
port call reports software

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