Data: Received, Stored, Processed and Analysed

As it’s name suggests, BigOceanData receives, stores, processes and analyses maritime and other relevant data from a number of different sources. A number of analysis reports are provided as standard, but the real “value-add” is to use these pre-sourced data items to help answer specific customer requests. Think of BigOceanData as a kitchen store cupboard, on each shelf are a number of different ingredients. The customer will need to pick and mix these ingredients to make the desired recipe.

The schematic below shows a simplified diagram of available data sources, plus traditional outputs from the BigOceanData analytics engine.

BigOceanData has a database of all IMO registered vessels, plus characteristics for these vessels such as Deadweight, Tonnage, Draught, Length, Vessel Type. BigOceanData obtains position data from AIS (both terrestrially and satellite sourced), plus a number of private subscription customer services such as Fleet Broad Band (FBB), VSAT, Inmarsat-C, or Iridium. BigOceanData can also be configured to receive data from Argos-CLS, Skywave, SSAS or GSM.

Inside BigOceanData Zones or Geofences are used to log vessel arrivals and departures at various Ports/Terminals together with Internationally recognised boundaries such as Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), Emission Control Areas (ECA) or High Risk Areas (HRA), together with customer defined zones – e.g. Areas of Special Scientific Interest, pipelines, Bunker locations. BigOceanData’s automated alerting system can route SMS or e-mail messaging to nominated parties for specific events identified or detected.

BigOceanData uses distance tables to calculate best available Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) based on current location, speed and estimated route to destination.

Some other data sources available within BigOceanData are global weather forecast, cyclone warnings, piracy incidents, and tidal information – but this list is growing as a result of customer and market demands. One recent example was the integration of aircraft position data sourced from ADS-B radar, this is used to plot aircraft search patterns during maritime surveillance sorties.

Our Technology – Your Way

Each customer however has slightly different requirements and whilst we don’t need to bespoke a solution for every customer, where there are specific back office integration service requirements, or to provide automated ingress/egress of data via API/Web services – these can be configured or developed to provide a seamless fit with operational needs.



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