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Existing BigOceanData software components are repurposed by our software team to meet client specifications.  Options range from white label offerings through embedded functionality to two-way back office or 3rd party data integration solutions.

White Label Brand

Your brand identity (logos, fonts, colour schemes etc.) is added to the online portal – and you are good to go!

Key benefits
  • Time efficient – your branded solution is ready in days
  • Cost effective – upfront costs are low and flexible commercial plans are available.  We want to grow as you grow!
  • Quality assured – BigOceanData has been providing partners with industry-leading vessel tracking solutions since the mid-1990s

White Label Plus

White Label+ is ideal for established software providers looking to update or replace legacy solutions.

In addition to branding the software we will customise the BigOceanData portal to integrate new data sources, add new functionality and change ‘look and feel’ to meet your exact requirements.

Key benefits
  • Reduced time to market – BigOceanData software components are optimised for re-use in this way.  We expect to bring a customised solution to market far quicker than is possible with a ground-up development
  • Cost effective – our software development rates and data charges are some of the most competitive in the industry.  We will always try to create a commercial solution that works for both partners
  • Quality assured – the BigOceanData portal is maintained and hosted in the Amazon cloud offering extremely high levels of reliability, flexibility and scalability.

Embedded Functionality

  • Seamless access to data outputs via ‘single sign-on’ from third party software platforms
  • Support for iFrame services enabling BigOceanData functionality to be embedded in third-party software systems
  • Data imported via bespoke APIs or directly into platform by customer
  • Includes access to existing BigOceanData AIS, vessel and port databases
  • Bespoke tables, dashboards and reports developed to client specifications

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BigOceanData is a vessel tracking software portal and service provider for maritime and vessel management.

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