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The service provided to the YA-SA fleet of 26 bulk and tanker vessels fuses data from terrestrial and satellite AIS together with Inmarsat-C position reporting to deliver a highly effective service.

“We consulted with the YA-SA team over several weeks to ensure that they received a bespoke service exactly matching their requirements,” commented Ryan Dawe of BigOceanData. “This customisation and development work included such elements as abbreviating each vessel’s name and colour coding the different classes within the fleet to as to enable YA-SA users to immediately distinguish between Panamax, Super Handy Max and other vessel types showing on their displays.

YASA boat image

The browser-based BOD system allows fleet managers to monitor vessel locations and store this information for later analysis. It also issues automatic alerts if a vessel strays outside an approved route that has been previously input into the system. This provides managers with remote intelligence of vessel activity and delivers 24/7 confidence that their fleet is operating as required in strict adherence to all company conditions.

Mr. Mehmet Kayhan, General Manager of YA-SA Ship Management & Trading S.A., commented; “We at YA-SA Shipping and YA-SA Tanker need to know where our vessels are at all times. We also need to be able to monitor the conditions they are operating in any the time, including weather, sea-state, and position relative to certain defined zones, as well as the conditions that they may encounter ahead on their route. BigOceanData provides us with more capabilities to understand their present and future situations than other providers due to its advanced features and options. We strongly recommend their platform to all fleet operators.”

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