The BigOceanData vessel tracking and management software is the most sophisticated of its kind providing fleet operators with a suite of easy-to-use and powerful tools with which to maximise operational efficiency.

Unlike many of its competitors, who focus almost entirely on using AIS data for fleet management purposes, BigOceanData brings together data from a vast array of different sources to provide the most up-to-date information available.

Our Integrated Data Services approach fuses information from a plethora of vessel position sources with environmental information such as weather, seastate and tidal information. In addition, key operational data such as Piracy Activity, Restricted Zones and Bunker locations are also provided via the portal to simplify the management task.

Other vital services for vessel owners and operators such as SSAS and dedicated satcom reporting can be integrated into the Big Ocean Data interface to deliver cost savings and convenience. Find out more about BigOceanData’s Integrated SSAS offering.

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