With over 20 years of experience of working with governments around the world BigOceanData is the market-leader in working with agencies responsible for tracking boats fishing within their territorial waters and ensuring compliance with quotas and regulations. We can track the position of any vessel using a wide range of data sources including Inmarsat-C and ARGOS, with AIS data available to provide broader surveillance of the fishing zone/EEZ.

As well as delivering all the standard position, track and identification data on individual vessels to those who need it, we also offer specific fisheries applications, including:

    • Zones management. These can be of any shape, and once a vessel has been assigned to a zone / geofence, BigOceanData will automatically record an entry or exit and alert the user.
    • Alerting and automated notification to Other Member States (OMSs) when vessels enter or leave designated Exclusive Economic Zones. Alert functionality is derived from a rules-based system for exchanging data with OMS countries. This module is compliant with the applicable EU regulations and exchanges data in the North Atlantic Format (NAF).
    • Other automatic alerts can be triggered by specific events such as overdue reporting, a panic button, tampering or a geofence incursion.

BigOceanData also offer an Electronic Reporting System (ERS) module that tracks the fish from the moment they are caught to their landing and, once ashore, recording sales and authenticating the product source right up to the eventual purchase by the consumer.

Over the past 20 years BigOceanData has provided Fisheries VMS solutions to a long list of countries including the UK, the USA, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Greece, Indonesia, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, St Helena and Tanzania.

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