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On Monday 28th Feb 2022, the UK closed access to its ports and harbours for all Russian owned, flagged, managed or operated vessels.  Many other countries around the world are doing, or are likely to do, the same.

The BigOceanData online vessel tracking and management software platform can provide you with intelligence on the activity of all Russian owned, flagged, managed or operated vessels, anywhere in the world:

  • Details of who owns or operates each Russian vessel
  • The very latest Russian vessel positions, course and speed
  • Alerts when Russian vessels approach ports, EEZs and other sensitive areas
  • Alerts when a Russian vessel suddenly changes course or takes an unusual transit route
  • Identification of possible transhipment activity

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From the Secretary of State to all UK ports:

Russia’s assault on Ukraine is an unprovoked, premeditated attack against a sovereign democratic state. The UK government has been clear there would be massive consequences and a severe cost for any Russian military incursion into Ukraine, and, in coordination with our international allies and partners, we are developing an unprecedented package of further sanctions.

The maritime sector is fundamental to international trade and we must play our part in restricting Russia’s economic interests and holding the Russian government to account.

In these circumstances the Department for Transport does not consider it appropriate for Russian vessels to continue to enter UK ports. From this point onwards, UK ports are asked not to provide access to any ship which they have reason to believe is:

  • Owned, controlled, chartered or operated by any person connected with Russia
  • Owned, controlled, chartered or operated by Designated Persons
  • Flying the Russian flag
  • Registered in Russia

See full statement below:


UK Government Russian Vessel Tracking

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