Vessel Tracking Software that gives you maritime intelligence at your fingertips.

The future of intelligent vessel tracking is here. Suitable for any company or individual that requires vessel tracking, coastal or open ocean, from fleet owners to occasional users.

By using AIS signals, continuously broadcast by ships and vessels all over the world, users can view positions and tracks anywhere from a laptop, mobile phone, tablet or desktop – with just a click.

Vessel Tracking Software


Giving you access to AIS data from both satellite and terrestrial receivers (as standard), BigOceanData gives you true world-wide coverage and is feature-packed with a wide range of on-screen vessel, weather, oceanic and maritime geo-political data.

BigOceanData delivers a modern, easy to use user-interface that’s fully customisable, allowing you to only pay for what you need, keeping you both informed and efficient.

Our Technology, Your Way.

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