I would like to start a free trial, What do I do now?

Contact sales@bigoceandata.com

What does the free trial include?

The trial will be set up to include those features which are important to your business through consultation with our sales team. Please contact sales@bigoceandata.com

Are there any browsers that don’t support BOD?

BOD can be used on any manufacturers’ currently supported web browser e.g. IE9 and above, plus latest Safari, Chrome and Firefox

How many users can login to my account?

A standard account can have 1 user logons, this can be upgraded to any number you require, please contact us with your requirement sales@bigoceandata.com

I’ve been automatically logged out, why is this?

Only one active session is allowed per user – if a second user logs in with the same username, it will kill the first session

You should avoid sharing usernames and passwords with other individuals

Is BigOceanData compatible with my mobile device?

Yes A mobile device friendly version is available, please contact us

I have a subscription, how do I log in on my mobile device/tablet?

You will be able to use any mobile device to directly access the BOD portal using your standard username and password @ https://mobile.bigoceandata.com

How do I update my BigOceanData account information?

Use the Account page in the Administration section to change your details

Is there a minimum subscription period?

The minimum subscription period is 12 months for all tariffs. However, for certain, bespoke applications BOD is willing to offer shorter contract terms. Please contact sales@bigoceandata.com to discuss your needs – we will do our best to help

Will my annual subscription include software updates and service improvements?

Yes – the BOD platform is constantly being updated to improve functionality and overall system performance

All clients automatically benefit from these enhancements through regular maintenance upgrades to the platform.

How do I add vessels to my fleet?

Login to BOD, locate vessel on the map, click vessel icon and then click ADD TO FLEET button

Can I set up separate fleets within one account?

Yes please contact us but Asset Tags can also be used to categorise and group together different vessel types effectively creating separate fleets

How do I remove vessels from my account?

Go to Myfleet page, within the Administration section, remove vessel.

Can I remove a vessel and replace it with another?

Yes, a maximum of 10% of MyFleet can be swapped during the contract term.

A vessel can be removed in one month and replaced at a later month

I have forgotten my username and / or password

Use the forgotten password link on the login page to reset your password

If you have forgotten your username, please contact support@bigoceandata.com

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