AIS and security

AIS and Security AIS is a vessel tracking and monitoring system that uses a combination of two, free-to-air communications networks; VHF radio and GPS. Both the position and vessel information is broadcast on the public airwaves and is free to everyone with the capability to receive it. So when it comes to a ship’s AIS … Continued

A brief history of AIS

History of AIS It’s not entirely clear who it was that came up with the first AIS vessel tracking and identification system, but like so much other technology that we take for granted these days, it came out of the introduction of GPS for civilian purposes, which achieved global coverage in the early 1990s. It … Continued

A guide to AIS acronyms

AIS acronyms The global AIS vessel tracking and vessel identification system comes with its own set of technical terms and acronyms. Many people are probably asking “what is AIS” and “what’s live ship tracking”. To the non-professional user these can require time-consuming interpretation and online searches. Below is a cut-out-and-keep guide to those that we … Continued

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