Vessels at Sea

Track vessels 24/7 with BigOceanData

Monitor the position, performance and additional environmental and risk factors of just one or an unlimited number of vessels using BigOceanData vessel tracking software, an optimised combination of satellite and terrestrial AIS.

As part of the standard service you can access and overlay other data feeds to enhance your situational awareness, including weather, sea state, charting, security zones and more. Other vital services for vessel owners and operators such as SSAS and satcom reporting can be integrated into the Big Ocean Data interface to deliver cost savings and convenience.

Bespoke apps can also be designed to meet specific needs or existing third-party software such as pay-as-you-sail charting seamlessly integrated into the user interface on request. Our tariff structure is simple, based on the number of vessels you wish to monitor and easily adjustable as circumstances change.

Historical data on the movement of vessels is also available, tracing the movements of individual vessels back to 2009 where data is available.

Discover advanced fleet monitoring inclusive of global satellite AIS tracking


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