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Fisheries VMS

With over 20 years of experience of working with governments around the world, first as Bluefinger and then as Globavista, BigOceanData is the market-leader in working with agencies responsible for tracking boats fishing within their territorial waters and ensuring compliance with quotas and regulations. We can track the position of any vessel using a wide range of data sources including AIS, Inmarsat-C and ARGOS. As well as delivering all the standard position, track and identification data on individual vessels to those who need it, we also offer specific fisheries applications, including:

    • Geofence management. These can be of any shape, and once a vessel has been assigned to a geofence, Big Ocean Data will automatically record an entry or exit and alert the user.
    • Alerting and automated notification to Other Member States (OMSs) when vessels enter or leave designated Exclusive Economic Zones. Alert functionality is derived from a rules-based system for exchanging data with OMS countries. This module is compliant with the applicable EU regulations and exchanges data in the North Atlantic Format (NAF).
    • Other automatic alerts can be triggered by specific events such as overdue reporting, a panic button, tampering or a geofence incursion.

We can even offer an Electronic Reporting System (ERS) module that tracks the fish from the moment they are caught to their landing and, once ashore, recording sales and authenticating the product source right up to the eventual purchase by the consumer.

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Maritime Security

Working with its maritime intelligence partner, NYA International, BigOceanData offers an integrated fleet and maritime security risk management tool which combines a range of functions in a single, integrated solution. This can save time and money, and improve efficiency. It is extremely flexible and can be customised to meet the specific requirements of individual organisations. Key features available include:

    • Access to a secure, online portal; WebView
    • Live vessel tracking and fleet monitoring
    • Voyage risk assessment and planning tools
    • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) tool
    • Electronic geo zones
    • Piracy incident alerts
    • Maritime security information
    • Ship security alert system (SSAS) / competent authority services
    • 24/7 Operations Centre support

Key benefits include:

    • Enhanced situational awareness
    • Threat avoidance
    • Improved risk management
    • Cost, time and system efficiencies
    • Legislative compliance
    • Peace of mind through 24/7 support
    • Helps fulfil Duty of Care obligations
    • A market-leading, consolidated solution

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Offshore Race Management

Under its former brand Globavista, Big Ocean Data has provided key ocean race management and timing data to some of the toughest and most challenging marine sporting events, including the P1 Powerboat Grand Prix series and the Volvo Ocean Race (VOR). The Race Management System (RMS) was developed for the 2014-15 VOR and delivered full monitoring functionality to race control, as well as direct information to the yachts including relative position to the other competitors, weather information, sea state and routine messages. The RMS also provided VOR race management with the crucial race starting facilities and was the main source of timing for the competition.

Race Control

The RMS uses the defined Start, Waypoint and Finishing information, together with the relevant race leg information, to record the current position and status of each competitor in a race. A real-time graphical display of the yachts’ positions is provided and, using sophisticated algorithms, the RMS is able to calculate the relative starting times of each competitor and their position in the race. A real-time scoring system provides the race management team with a live status of each vessel. In the case of the P1 Powerboat series, highly accurate race timing was achieved through the use of the TracsTDMA tracking product.

Race Fans and the Media

The BigOceanData RMS can also provide live feeds to media companies as well as to third party organisations via the internet so that live data and race simulations can be provided to the public.

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Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)

The BigOceanData interface can be configured to receive Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) alerts, with immediate automated routing to nominated recipients. The Alert Manager can send SSAS alerts to users by e-mail, SMS and/or a screen pop up. All alerts are recorded in the system database and can be reproduced in report format.

By integrating SSAS alerts with AIS data, security officers can view all the available information on a single screen and select additional overlays such as weather or sea state to enhance their awareness of a vessel’s situation.

BigOceanData supports any SSAS type-approved equipment. It can also offer advice on and supply new, type-approved, equipment if required. Existing SSAS equipment can be ‘repointed’ to BigOceanData if users wish to use our service in preference to the original service provider.

With 20 years’ experience, branded first as Bluefinger and then Globavista, the Big Ocean Data SSAS interface is tried, tested and dependable. Contact us to find out more.

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