Ports & Harbours
Monitor live vessel movements in all commercial ports and harbours worldwide with BigOceanData

Typically vessel position information in or near ports and harbours is derived from terrestrial AIS receiving stations, whereby the shorter ranges involved help provide a higher frequency of position updates. However as satellite input is part of the Big Ocean Data standard offer, port operators and service providers can track inward bound vessels wherever they may be. This allows for accurate long-term planning, precise scheduling and the effective deployment of resources.

Our full Ports & Harbours service will be launching soon. This sophisticated suite of tools will include reports covering ‘Vessels Scheduled’, ‘Vessels In Port and Departed’ and ‘Vessel Time in Port’; not just for the main port itself but also for the individual anchorages, moorings, terminals and wharfs within it, which users will be able to specify. We will also provide statistics on the frequency of vessel visits and offer the ability to filter by vessel type.  In the meantime, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements, we will be delighted to help.

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