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With BigOceanData, satellite AIS comes as standard

BigOceanData is the new vessel tracking, management and port monitoring system brought to you by Globavista, a leader in the vessel tracking sector with over twenty years’ experience in specialist tracking and asset management solutions.

  • No hidden charges for Satellite AIS data

    Terrestrial and satellite AIS data for all users, regardless of fleet size
  • Tariffs to suit all fleet sizes

    Pay only for the exact number of vessels in your fleet
  • Single, high accuracy vessel plot information

    Fusing multiple sources of vessel AIS data combined with other on-board tracking devices
  • ‘In Vicinity’ allows flexible querying of events

    Feature for individual vessels, weather events or piracy activity
  • Sophisticated integration of maps and charts

    Maximum situational awareness for vessels and ports combining Google and C-Maps
  • Least-risk routing capability

    In support of maritime security and anti-piracy applications
  • 12 months data held online for immediate access

    Also up to 4 years of data available offline for historical analysis purposes
  • 5-day weather forecast

    Available anywhere in the world with a single click

A service that is simply the best

Designed for use by all sectors of the commercial and leisure maritime industries, bespoke applications and third-party tools can be designed and integrated on request. BigOceanData is easy to operate and has a simple tariff structure.

Satellite AIS as standard

BigOceanData is the only vessel tracking system that provides satellite AIS as standard, supplemented with terrestrial AIS in coastal areas. The latest S-AIS data is uploaded to the BigOceanData user interface every five minutes, thereby ensuring that all its users have the most recent position and performance information available on vessels of interest, wherever they may be.

Everything you would expect – and much more

As well as covering all the expected vessel tracking features, the standard BigOceanData package includes many valuable features not found together elsewhere such as fleet management tools, overlaid maritime charts and Google maps, geo-fencing apps, weather and sea-state reports, security alerts and more.

Whether you are tracking one vessel or a thousand, on the high seas or in harbour, BigOceanData brings the entire globe to you, together with the tools to monitor and analyse positions, performance and potential risks – all in real-time.

Discover advanced fleet monitoring inclusive of global satellite AIS tracking


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