Weddell Sea Expedition draws to a close

The SA Agulhas II is now approaching Cape Town and the end of its three month voyage in the Southern Ocean.

52487984_397646334327491_5994072417180319744_nTracked by BigOceanData every step of the way with free access to the latest position via the BOD interface on the expedition website; press, supporters, scientists, students and anyone else with an interest in the Antarctic has been able to follow the polar research ship’s progress to and from the Weddell Sea. There the research team on board studied the glaciology and biology of the Larsen C ice shelf and then traversed to the last known location of Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance, lost in 1915. Sadly, no trace of it was found.

After many adventures along the way, she is now due to dock in Cape Town later today. BigOceanData has been delighted to play a part in supporting the charity that funded the expedition by supplying a live vessel tracking feed that allowed anyone with an interest in the voyage to monitor its progress as it faced sea ice, sub-zero temperatures and hostile weather. We hope that this direct connection to the Agulha II will have helped people all over the world feel inspired about science, engineering and technology; one of the key aims of the expedition.

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