Rising demand for full tracking functionality on handheld devices

Browser access delivers full functionality on any mobile device

It’s a universal expectation these days that anything available online should also be mobile-friendly, and that applies to vessel tracking systems. A big advantage of the BOD system is that, being browser-based, users have access to the complete functionality from their phone or tablet, rather than having to resort to a stripped-down version via an app. BOD offers fleet managers and other interested parties a complete service from any connected location,

We also experience an increase in enquiries regarding our mobile capabilities when there is an event of international significance taking place. The search for the wreckage of the MH370 airliner by the Seabed Constructor has been one such example where we have had a spike in enquiries from outside the maritime industry for services that can deliver comprehensive position information for a particular vessel. BOD users have been able to access latest position, track history, local weather and information on the Seabed Constructor anytime, from anywhere (with internet access) and monitor her progress on this sad undertaking. Why settle for anything less?

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