Hijacking highlights need to monitor third-party vessels

Monitoring the traffic around a ‘vessel of interest’ can yield valuable insights into the overall situation and its developments.

FWN Rapide 1The attack by pirates on the Dutch cargo ship FWP Radipe off the coast of Nigeria has caused a spike in searches looking at that area as both maritime specialists and the general public take a look for themselves at what is going on. Whilst reviewing the movements of a ‘vessel of interest’ can yield valuable insights, of equal importance for many professionals is the review and understanding of the other vessels in the area; who they are, their reactions to the target vessel and subsequent movements over any given time period. BOD can deliver this information instantly and in a compelling visual format via its Complex Query function.

In the case of a hijacking, this information can be used by government agencies to identify and so deter other vessels from getting too close to the victim vessel. For everyone else, it gives them a real-time view of events as they unfold.

For more information, see FAQ – How do I set up a Complex Query?

FWN Rapide 2

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