Our Partners

Delivering the highest quality data is our primary focus

At BigOceanData we work with a range of partners to ensure that our service levels and the quality of the data we provide are of the highest quality. These include:


  • Global leader in the supply of maritime satellite communications services.

  • Delivering premium maritime charting solutions for over 80 years.

  • Internationally recognised supplier of high quality maritime weather services.

  • Global piracy alerting service.

Specialist Partners

  • Iridium devices for co-operative tracking.

  • Dedicated co-operative tracking devices.

  • Radar & Optical Satellite imagery.

  • Provider of specialist devices for fisheries (iVMS and VMS+), plus Inmarsat, Iridium and other products & services.

  • Vessel Journey scheduling partner (Coming soon).


  • Maritime security information provider based in London.

  • PT Penta are specialists in the Oil & Gas market in Indonesia.

  • Specialists in the Oil & Gas market in Malaysia.

  • Provider of maritime charts.

  • Solutions provider in the Indian sub-continent.

  • Premium partner for AIS tracking transponders and solution provider in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Solution provider in Malaysia.

  • Specialist data provider.