Our focus on CSR

CSR matters to BigOceanData

BigOceanData takes corporate responsibility seriously with a focus on four key areas:


We provide a safe working environment, offer training and professional development opportunities to ensure that everyone has access to the latest tools, techniques and technology, and foster a motivational work environment characterised by equal opportunities and dive.


We are committed to providing unbroken, high-quality internet services regardless of the day-to-day challenges presented by broadband communications, the internet and the vagaries of distributed software applications. We maintain a culture of best practice when it comes to supporting our clients. Examples of this include our commitment to resolve service and software problems as rapidly as possible and our ‘right first time’ approach to new product releases and updates.


We use the latest technologies in all our office and domestic systems to minimise energy consumption and recycle all our waste products at every opportunity. Travel is kept to a minimum by using electronic communications where possible, and we ensure that the products we buy and the suppliers we use adhere to strict environmental and ethical standards.


At Big Ocean Data we support our local community by purchasing from local suppliers wherever possible, recruiting locally, supporting local charities and the RNLI, and generally contributing both as a company and as individuals to local life. With regard to the global maritime community, we regularly share our knowledge at conferences and events.

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